RAAM Cycling Challenge

The Premier Endurance Road Race Series!

The Race Across America Cycling Challenge is an 7-event series offering the best endurancecycling, in the best cycling destinations in America.

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March 8, 2014
Austin (Marble Falls), Texas
April 5, 2014 Oceanside, CA
May 10, 2014 Portland, Oregon
July 26, 2014
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
September 13, 2014 Sacramento, California
September 27, 2014 Columbus (Dublin), Ohio
November 1, 2014 Daytona Beach, Florida

Each event reflects the unique characteristics of the region - scenic courses, & local culture.


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RAAM Cycling Challenge Series
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 The 200 and 400-mile races will begin on Saturday. All Racers must attend the racer meeting and go through vehicle & bike inspections Friday.  Please see schedules for times. 

The 200 & 400 mile races are unsupported.  The 200 may be ridden either randonneur-style (unsupported) or with a crew.  Racers must notify the Race Director prior to the event if they wish to race unsupported.  The 400-mile racers must have a support crew.  Individual event distances may vary.

 *Solo racers completing the 400-mile race will qualify for the Race Across America.

If you want to challenge yourself and try endurance racing but aren't sure where to start, it's not as hard as you think! Here is an introduction to how it works and what you need.  
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